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Now Available: Audio version of the entire course on six packed CDs for only $34.95!

It's the perfect gift for those who would enjoy listening to these stimulating lectures at home or on the road. It's also a great asset to group members who want to study the lectures in more depth on their own.


Hosted by Francis S. Collins

Director, The National Institues of Health;
Former Director, The Human Genome Project

Author of the Best-Selling Book

The Language of God:
A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

And Featuring Contributions from Sixteen
Additional Scientists and Theologians,
Including Two Nobel Laureates

(see program details below)

9 Lessons Plus Extensive Bonus Materials

Must we reject belief in God to
accept the findings of science?

Join a group of world experts as they consider how religion and science might coexist and even complement one another in the 21st Century.

Produced for laity and sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation.


The Nine DVD-Based Lessons:

1. Introduction
xxFrancis S. Collins
xxDirector, The Human Genome Project

2. Friends or Foes?
xxThe Story of a Complex Relationship
--- David Wilkinson
xxSt. John's College, Durham (England)

3. Truth in Science and Theology
xx Philip Clayton
xx Claremont School of Theology

4. God and Nature
xxKeith Ward
xxOxford University

5. Creation and Evolution
xxDarrel Falk
xxPoint Loma Nazarene University

6. What Does It Mean to Be Human?
xxWarren Brown
xxFuller Theological Seminary

7. The God of Hope and the End of the World
xxJohn Polkinghorne
xxCambridge University

8. Genetic Science and the Frontiers of Ethics
xxTed Peters
xxPacific Lutheran Theological Seminar

9. Concluding Bible Study on Creation Care
xxBeth Norcross,Denise
Dombkowski Hopkins,
xxBruce Birch, Susan Willhauck & Kendall Soulen

xxWesley Theological Seminary

The Bonus DVD Includes:

· A Conversation Between Nobel Laureate
xWilliam Phillips (N.I.S.T.; University of Maryland)
xand Francis S. Collins

· The Dawkins Delusion?
Alister McGrath
xOxford University

· Reflections on a Life of Faith and Science
xNobel-Laureate Charles-Townes,
xBerkeley, University of California

· Natural Selection and the Economy of Grace
xAmy Laura Hall
xDuke University Divinity School

The Course Kit Includes:

  • Nine DVD-based lessons, each approximately half an hour in length
  • A Participant's Guide (black and white print; 105 pages)
  • A Leader's Guide, including teaching tips, discussion helps, and class exercises (printed in color; 131 pages)
  • A publicity kit, including course poster, sign-up sheet, bulletin insert, and other masters plus access to digital files for reproduction
  • A course website, featuring supplemental material, links, and more
  • A BONUS DVD, (see above) featuring an in-depth conversation (approx. 65 minutes) and other valuable materials.

Note that each of the lessons includes a pause near the middle, so it is easy to split them in two to accommodate shorter (e.g., 45 minute Sunday School) classes. The curriculum also divides easily, making for an 18 session course.


For laypersons or clergy groups in churches of all denominations. Course materials will also be an invaluable addition to university classes in science and religion.


The course schedule is set by your local church or other group. Like other Wesley Ministry Network courses, you can begin and end the class based on your own calendar.


Course Kit: $150

Additional copies of Leader's Guide: $25.00 (Printed in color and includes complete text of the Participant's Guide.)

Additional copies of Participant's Guide: $8.00


For more information, please contact Wesley Ministry Network at:

Wesley Ministry Network
4500 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20016
(202) 885-8607