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Larry Hurtado has written numerous important and critically acclaimed books on the subject of Christian origins, including his magisterial Lord Jesus Christ: Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity. His unique background informs this new popular-level study, which will challenge and inspire both believers and seekers.

Devotion to Jesus:
The Divinity of Christ
in Earliest Christianity

with Dr. Larry Hurtado

When, where and why did people
first believe in the divinity of Jesus?

The DaVinci Code is only the most successful in a long line of books containing revisionist accounts of Christian origins. In fact, the true story of the early Christians' "devotion to Jesus" is much more amazing, as Professor Hurtado, one of the world's leading New Testament historians, demonstrates in this important new course.



An eight-session study on the subject of "Jesus Devotion" in earliest Christianity. Course materials are adaptable to different class lengths. For example, each lesson can easily be split in two to accommodate shorter sessions, such as a 45-minute Sunday School class.  
The Course Includes:

  • Eight video lessons by Larry Hurtado, each approximately twenty minutes in length
  • A bonus track featuring selected images from The Methodist Church Collection of Modern Christian Art
  • A Participant's Guide
  • A Leader's Guide, including teaching tips, discussion helps, and class exercises, printed in color
  • A Publicity Packet, including poster,signup sheet, bulletin insert, and postcard masters
  • A course website, featuring supplemental course materials and links
The Eight Lessons:
  1. Introduction to Jesus Devotion
  2. Roman and Jewish Backgrounds
  3. Jesus in the Letters of Paul
  4. Jesus in Jewish Christianity
  5. Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels
  6. Jesus in the Gospel of John
  7. The Costs and Consequences of Jesus Devotion
  8. How Did It Happen? Why Does It Matter Today?

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Laypersons in churches of all denominations

  • The course schedule is set by your local church. Like other Wesley Ministry Network courses, you can begin and end the class based on your church's own calendar.
  • The course is now available. Most orders are processed through Cokesbury.com, although you can order directly from us if you have special requirements. For example, we can arrange for churches to lease several copies of the DVD in order to run multiple, simultaneous groups.

Course Kit: $150
  • One copy of Leader's Guide
  • One copy of Participant's Guide
  • Lessons on DVD
  • Publicity Packet
  • Access to online material

Additional copies of Leader's Guide: $25.00 (146 pgs., color)
Additional copies of Participant's Guide: $8.00 (112 pgs., black & white)

Go to course website: http://www.wesleyministrynetwork.com/DJ/

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