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Serious Answers
to Hard Questions

hosted by Bishop Kenneth Carder

Life presents us with a lot of hard questions. In-this thought-provoking and inspiring course, ten leading theologians address ten issues that are obstacles to faith for many both in and outside of the church.

Among the many vital questions addressed are these:

Did the early church misunderstand Jesus? In Lesson 6
Is The Da Vinci Code historical fact or fiction? In Lesson 8
How should we relate to people of other faiths? In Lessons 3 & 4
How do we account for tragic illnesses like cancer? In Lessons 1 & 2
How should Christians think about the "Old Testament God"? In Lesson 5


Ten Christian and Jewish theologians, world experts in their respective fields as well as people of faith, were each asked to address a single perplexing issue, such as the existence of evil or the relationship between religion and science. The result is the "Serious Answers" course, which will encourage energetic discussion and sustained reflection by both believers and seekers.

Note that although there are ten sessions in all, leaders are free to pick and chose individual lessons, should a shorter class be necessary.

The Ten Lessons:

1. Evil

R. Kendall Soulen,
Wesley Theological Seminary

2. Religion and Science John Polkinghorne,
Cambridge University
3. Other Religions Sathianathan Clarke,
Wesley Theological Seminary
4. Evangelism and Tolerance Scott Jones,
Bishop; formerly Perkins Schl. Theo.
5. The God of the Old
-.- Testament
Amy-Jill Levine,
Vanderbilt Divinity School
6. Jesus and Christianity Richard B. Hays,
Duke Divinity School
7. Resurrection N.T. Wright,
Bishop; formerly Oxford University
8. The Gnostic Gospels Ben Witherington,
Asbury Theological Seminary
9. The Sins of the Church Douglas M. Strong,
Wesley Theological Seminary
10. Forgiveness L. Gregory Jones,
Duke Divinity School (Dean)

_______Free Video Sample: Watch Clips from Five Lessons:

The Course Includes:

  • Ten video lessons, each approximately thirty minutes in length, on either DVD or VHS tape (Lessons can easily be split in half for shorter classes.)
  • A Participant's Guide (workbook)
  • A Leader's Guide, including teaching tips, discussion helps, and class exercises
  • Promotional materials (poster, sign-up sheet, bulletin inserts, etc.)
  • A course website, featuring supplemental materials, links, etc.

Additional Participant's Guides and other materials are available for purchase from Cokesbury.com.


Both laypersons and clergy in churches of all denominations; the course is also very well suited for "seekers' classes."


  • The course schedule is set by your local church. Like other Wesley Ministry Network courses, you can begin and end the class based on your church's own calendar.


Course Kit: $150

  • One copy of Leader's Guide
  • One copy of Participant's Guide (workbook)
  • Video. DVD is standard format. VHS available for an extra $10
  • Promotional materials (poster, sign-up sheet, bulletin inserts, etc.)
  • Access to online supplemental material
Additional copies of Leader's Guide: $20.00 (139 pgs., full color)
     Includes complete text of the Participant's Guide annotated for leaders.
Additional copies of Participant's Guide: $8.00 (109 pgs., black & white)

Click Here to Order Materials from Cokesbury.com.


Serious Answers to Hard Questions was made possible by a generous grant from The Foundation for Evangelism.

For more information about this and other courses, please contact Wesley Ministry Network at:


Wesley Ministry Network
4500 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20016
202) 885-8607